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I am a member in several Yahoo groups.
Visit us and have a look.

Have fun creating tags in Paint Shop Pro. You can get prizes if you join in the activites.

We share copyright compliant tubes and material for Paint Shop Pro.

I have written a script that makes tagging many names simple and fast. Learn how to use the script and learn some tips and tricks.

Siggie Piggies
Here you can request tags for yourself and your friends.

My name is Sigrid and I have been creating in Paint Shop Pro and in Daz Studio for a while now.

Laine was kind enough to allow me to create a sub domain on our server for our Yahoo-Group PSPTimesThree.
Thank you Laine!

So here you can find the creations I want to share with you.
Enjoy browsing.

Daz 3D

My tubes are created with Daz Studio. Daz Studio is a free rendering program.
You can download it here:
Daz 3D

Some links to freebie sites for Daz and Poser content:
Most sites are with registering only.



Most Digital Creations

Wilmaps Creations

Visit my
Deviantart Gallery

or have a look at my photos on
You may use the photos there.

Here are my terms of use

  • You may use the tubes, mists, templates and graphics found on this site however you want.
  • You can animate them, colorize them, use them with other artists work (provided they allow it) and use them on your websites or stats or tags.
  • Credits for the tubes are provided but are not neccessary.
  • Feel free to share my tubes in your mailing groups

  • You may NOT take them as your own
  • You may NOT make money with my creations.
  • If you want to use something for a scrapkit, feel free to ask.

Webset created by Sigrid
Renders by Sigrid (selias19)
June 2017
~All Rights Reserved~